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Don't Miss Out!

Hey, guys. Thanks for increasing the numbers of subscribers on this blog, this blog, and this blog. :)

Just wanted to pop in telling those of you who still haven't updated their subscription lists, that my new posts will no longer appear here.
Don't miss a single one of them; subscribe to the new feed here. Or head out to the actual blog first—I've been told the colours and look are really good. Let's see if I can make you agree!

This Blog has Moved! [ANN]

50 posts and 70 comments later, this blog has permanently moved to The reasons why I did this are:

- URL: I realized that a-glorious-gift was not easy to remember. This one's better.

- I ain't so outstanding: Exactly. I want my posts to be received as coming from someone average, someone just wishing to exhibit their thoughts and not give out any gyan.

- Change: Exactly again. I needed a new look, a new identity, and here it is!

All the old posts will be here and on the new blog. I couldn't move the IntenseDebate comments, which is why I'm saving the posts here too. From now on, all new posts will go directly to NSO (:D).
Please update your subscriptions/bookmarks/memory. :)
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Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

P.S. Some issues still have to be worked on. Pardon me if you have to face any ugliness over at

My Favourite Wallpaper

This picture wins the award for being my cell phone wallpaper for the longest period of time. (Others never stay more than a few days.)
A couple of weeks back I changed it, not because I was as usual bored, but because of the feeling it's not very "me" to stick to the same image for so long... But within a day I was back to this one. It's so beautifully intriguing that I never get tired of looking at it—in fact I find myself staring at this picture for minutes at a stretch and admiring the beauty.

Never tried finding out whether it's real; don't remember where I downloaded it... Who cares. It's about the beauty. The simplicity. Which this has in abundance.

Power Blogging

1. Regular commenting on other blogs and saying something well beyond "Great post!".

2. Regular posting. Duh!

3. Regular guest posting—on your blog by others and by you on other people's blogs. I've learnt... and not yet implemented.

Quick Question

How good an idea is it to have one blog with posts like thesethese and these? Just curious.